OK, we do know how to
have a bit of fun!

We work hard to bring benefit
to the entire community.

Los Gatos Lions Club sponsors a local LEO Club, which is a Lions youth group comprised of boys and girls under 18 and committed to community service. The LEOs have their own fund raising activities and also help the Los Gatos Lions Club when needed. The LEO program offers leadership, experience, freindship, social activities,

opportunity and lots of fun.

All age eligible youth from Los Gatos and the surrounding area are invited to join and get involved in LEOS.  Inquire at Los Gatos High School to find out how you can get involved.

The LEO Club has elected officers and regular scheduled meetings.

Meetings and location are currently being restructured for Los Gatos High School.  All interested students are encouraged to contact the Lions Club with your interest and to find out more about the Leos and how you can help.  The Leo Club will be meeting weekly.  Stay tuned for more information.

Contact; Lion Carla Nespole, CT English Middle School, LEO advisor.

Tim Musselman Jr., Los Gatos High School, advisor.  Contact

CT English Leo Club President, Bella Demeo

Leo members having fun helping others


    LEOs...youth in Lionism